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I never got asked that in person yet, though at least online people assume I am a male unless they know me. As for how I would take it when cosplaying? That depends. If I am crossplaying, it would make me feel like I did a good job passing (This year will be my first actual crossplaying where you can tell that the character is a male, where before, crossplays I did, they were a bit feminine or androgynous, so I am going try hard to really pull it off). If I am not cosplaying as a male, I am not sure how I would feel, probably have mixed feelings lol. I might feel a bit hurt but I kind of agree that I do have some more masculine traits due to a hormonal imbalance (too much testosterone and lower estrogen and progesterone. Apparently my blood test I did the other day for my doctor said that my ovaries are dysfunctional. Lets not get too into that on here).

Yeah, I get that someone people really are curious and not trying to be mean, but probably shouldn't really ask a stranger you just met that question. It could really upset some people.

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