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Originally Posted by animazn View Post
I missed Anime Rev cause I was at the zombie walk xD but I went to AE Akimatsuri and it was fun! Y'all should go to Cos&Effect too! it's fun!
I actually went to every con in Vancouver last year! (2012 including fan expo, minicomi, ar, c/e and akimatsuri)
But honestly I enjoyed going to the others only for the Vendors hall/cosplay (Except fan expo, fan expo was great), but I think the programming was really lacking.

I'd probably rate my experience last year as
AR = Fan Expo > Akimatsuri > Cos and Effect
simply because I didn't feel satisfied with Cos and Effect's Vendor hall at all. I was truly dissapointed ): Akimatsuri's vendor hall was a bit better (perhaps have it split into 3-4 rooms gave the illusion of more content ahah)
Between Fan Expo and AR hmm it's difficult becuase Fan Expo had some really awesome stuff (that was not anime related as well) and ARTBOOKS YES GOD ARTBOOKS. I would be very happy if AR got an artbook vendor next year XD

Minicomi wasn't included due to it being only a one day artist market but I've been going to Minicomi for years, it's great and free! I'd recommend it to everyone.

I'll be going out of Canada to a con for the first time this year so I will have more to compare with when I get back from Sakura Con ohohohohoho

tl;dr lol
AR = Fan Expo > Akimatsuri > Cos and Effect
Minicomi is great
Anime Revolution / Fan Expo / Sakura Con 2013
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