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Originally Posted by Kiro View Post
Starting fresh yet again.

Start: 185 lbs
Goal: 160 lbs by Anime Boston

So, about 15 lbs in 20 weeks. Should be doable.
Goal: 160 by Week 20
Week 2: 182
Week 3: 182

My weight has been fluctuating between 180 and 182 all week (between 183 and 185 during week 2). Unfortunately, I've eaten a lot this weekend, so I'll probably be spending the rest of the week working some of it off.

I tried out my friend's body fat percentage scale (uses bioelectrical impedance). Readings were fairly consistent (tried four times), calculating that I had a body fat percentage of 27% with 11 lbs of visceral fat. I'd ultimately like to get my BF% to under 15% (and hopefully take off some of that visceral fat). This suggests that I currently have a lean body mass of 133 lbs and, if my LBM does not change, I'd need to reach 157 lbs for 15% body fat. I've included weight lifting in my workout, so I expect to either maintain or increase my LBM with the right nutrition. Therefore, I deem my 160 lb goal to be reasonable.

I acknowledge that the bioelectrical impedance method of finding body fat percentage is not particularly accurate, but like a standard weight scale, I believe it can be a good tool to track progress as long as measurements are done under the same conditions. I think I'll invest in getting my own, albeit a cheaper model than my friend has. That, and a full-size mirror so that I can visibly see progress.

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