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Link: I have most of the candy already, thanks to the holiday ornaments I picked up last month Just need to make gummy bears, hearts and stars.

I'm officially addicted to Downton Abbey!~ Just finished the first season, and onto season two. Soooo many dresses I want to make, and the parasols, and the hats *drools* I might just have a dresses through the ages theme for my costumes next year. I'm thinking Anna and the King, Pride and Prejudice (I totally want a bonnet!~) and Downton Abbey.

EDIT: If you can get to a Joann's today through the 19th, do so!~ 5 for $5 Simplicity patterns, 50% off red tag fabrics, 50% off coupon through the website, and practically everything is on sale. I got 4 yards of super nice bridal satin, 4 yards of lining, a half yard of some totally awesome Star Trek fabric, five patterns (normally $18.99/each!!~) and appliques for only $50. And squeeing with happiness right now!!~

I'm also re-making my Rarity dress, since I found an awesome pattern for a flouncy halter sundress with a petticoat and a large bow, and I plan on bedazzling some cutie mark appliques for a purple bolero.

Annnddd...Star Trek fabric and my Ice Queen base makeup arrived today!!~
Trek fabric is sooo going to be made into a bodice for a dress for casual change into at conventions

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