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For me, your bottom liner is really harsh, especially compared to your top liner. One thing that I've started doing in the morning as opposed to applying liner and smudging it, is using a dark eyeshadow instead. It's a great use for the sponge tip applicators that come with most drugstore shadows. Just get some of the shadow onto the applicator and lightly trace the outer third of your bottom lash line. Then you can intensify it if you want. It makes for a really quick, soft line.

Are you using liquid, gel, or pencil liner? Because I find that gel and especially liquid have a much bigger learning curve than pencil ones. I prefer gel because it's the most versatile and long-wearing on me but pencil liners are great and using them is just like using a regular pencil. Rimmel makes really great ones called Special Eyes or something like that for about $3 and I love them. They also have a great white liner in their Soft Kajal Eye Pencil line.

As for brows, I kind of have really nicely shaped brows to begin with so I don't know how much this might help you but when I actually do fill them in with pencil (I usually use powder but I literally just take some on an angled brush and go to town...), I like to start with a line on the bottom of my brows, then lightly blend by brushing upwards with a spoolie or brow brush. It gives me a nice general guideline. Then if I want to thicken them, I do short strokes in the area where I want it darker and defined. This is, fun fact, also exactly how I draw eyebrows when I'm drawing portraits.
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