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Originally Posted by Zaiten View Post
@Squeaker: I feel that way about CenTex sometimes. I feel like I'm in the middle of no where with no other cosplayers for at least 50 miles. I'm sure they're out there, just not easy to find.
I hear ya. It's almost the same with general anime/manga/video game fans, only there's been more luck with that than there has been with cosplayers. :/

Originally Posted by Falclon View Post
@Squeaker, isn't that because...well there are less people there anyways
Yeah (the biggest city we have in the Panhandle is Amarillo, which has a one-day-only con in July), but there's surely some out here, like Zaiten said, but they're just hard to find. (Either that, or I need to be patient about finding them. Honestly, the last two I found closer to me were through chance and curiosity in another topic rather than actively trying to find them. ._.)
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