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Originally Posted by Roxxors View Post
"And yes! All panel auditions are closed. Now if only we could get casting done and get the schedule to know if this was all for nothing, lol."
This is how Rel and I feel about our Panel. We're still finishing up a few more auditions, but we should have a cast list out by the end of the week.
[EDIT] Rel and I will probably not release a cast list publicly until we know the panel schedule/if it's been approved, because we don't want to say "This is our cast list!" only to edit it later if something has to change due to the time the panels are set.

As for what I'll be bringing...? I'm not sure yet. I only have plans for Jack Frost with a RoTG group, and possibly Fancy Dreamer Dave (Rumminov's designs). I may do Karkat at some point? And I always bring Alpha Dave as my Sunday, lazy-day default. I would like to do Vriska at some point as well. May or may not bring Aurthour.

Basically, I have these cosplays and IDK what I want to do, I'll do what I feel like doing when I'm there.
Otakon 2012:
Dave Strider (Alpha) - Homestuck
Dirk Strider (Dead, Transportalizer) - Homestuck
Vriska Serket (Robo Arm) - Homestuck
Aurthour - Homestuck

Anime USA 2012:
Dave Strider (Alpha) - Homestuck
Vriska Serket (Robo arm, dead) - Homestuck
Kankri Vantas - Homestuck

Katsucon 2013:
Dave Strider (Alpha, Aces Suit, Fancy Dreamer) - Homestuck
Vriska Serket (Robo Arm) - Homestuck
Jack Frost - Rise of the Guardians

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