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For me, the only fandoms that I've ever had a problem with (cosplay wise, and at conventions, at least) were Hetalia and Homestuck. I understand that there are a lot of really awesome people in both of these fandoms. Hell, almost everyone I know who cosplays is into one or the other or both. My own sister has cosplayed countless characters from each. So I know that there are good people. But with any extremely popular fandom, there will be bad apples. Or, as my before-mentioned sister puts it, "That one guy who whips his dick out at the party." Hetalia isn't near as bad as it was at its peak. But I remember going to AKon a few years ago and going to the rave, and one of my friends came up to us holding the back of her head in pain, and when we asked what happened, she told us that there was a Hungary cosplayer with a cast-iron skillet swinging it around and whacked her with it. It honestly scared me away from the entire fandom, even though everyone tells me that I would love Hetalia, since I love history so much. Homestuck's been calming down, too, but I still hear about the people in the fandom who go out of their way to be jerks to others and ruin merch by getting their unsealed body paint over everything and run around like they're the best thing in the world. I try to stay away from the bulk of both fandoms now. I'm fine with my friends cosplaying from them and being in the fandoms. I won't be rude or cruel to people from the fandoms. And even though I know there's far more light than dark, I still have a problem with the dark being so much louder in some circles.
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