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Petrilude is fantastic! And his brows are fabulous so that's good. He hasn't really put anything new up so I kind of forgot about him. I do still suggest having a pencil liner on hand so you can fill in the gaps between the liquid and your lashes.

I just tried this out with some liquid liner I had lying around since my lashes tend to get in the way of liquid liner as well. I had the mirror right in front of me and tilted my head down. I closed one eye and lined it while looking straight ahead with the other eye. For the bottom line, I kept my head the same and rested my pinky fairly close to the eye so that it pulled my lower lash line down slightly. Then with the shortest strokes possible, I traced the tops of my lashes.

I still prefer using shadow or pencil liner to line my bottom lash line since I like it better when the bottom lash line is blended out. But for both lids, I definitely got closer to the lash line and barely got any liner on my actual lashes.

I was using the Wet and Wild H2O Proof liner which is a felt tip liquid liner (as opposed to a brush tip) with a short applicator and long handle. I don't really recommend this liner since it tends to smudge on me. But I think you can use this trick with a liquid pen liner or anything where the part of the applicator that's in the product is shorter so you have more control.
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