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Originally Posted by highsky View Post
Strangely enough, when I used to go upstate to Otakon to visit, some years would have a certain sports game scheduled in the same downtown area. It was mainly the male sports fans (even more so the older ones who tended to drink more than they should) that would make ill remarks about cosplayers or make passes at the ones walking around the area, going to their hotels, and going to the convention center. Seeing your comment, Zaiten, reminded me of those past years and made me wonder just why some people (not all) find cosplay weird and/or don't act respectfully toward cosplayers when some fans dress or body paint themselves for whatever sports gathering.
It was just so strange to see. I mean one guy went all out, he had a white wig, tons of paint all over his body, and even a cape! For a split second I thought I walked into a convention. Just makes me sad that they can be so.. ugh, hypocritical? But then again, if they can be rude to me as a "normal" person, what makes me think they can even be civil when I'm not? I wish people as a whole were a lot nicer to each other.
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