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Matching scents to characters

(Sorry if this is the incorrect area.)

For a con in March, I'll be going as two variations of the same character, though one is a sort of gender-bend. To take my cosplay to the next level, I sort of want to match fragrances to the characters, and I don't think my regular ol' Dove deodorant would be appropriate. ;_; I don't normally use perfumes and body sprays and other wonderfully scented things, so I have no idea what I am doing. If anybody who watches the show, (or even people who don't, just say what you think they smell like. xD Or suggest something based on my musings.) could just give me some suggestions?

This is the girl I was thinking something with roses, or gardenias, but that might seem too mature. Something light and floral but not with just a one dimensional flowery scent.

And this is the boy. I was thinking maybe a 'milk and honey' type scent. But maybe that's too feminine and weak scented. He's young though, so IMO he wouldn't smell like 'IN YOUR FACE MAN SCENT'.

I'm looking for stuff that's cheap and easy to get, though if it's sort of expensive (like $20-35) but it smells good I'll probably use it for everyday. x3 And by 'stuff', I mean perfumes, body sprays, shower gels, etc.
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