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Originally Posted by The Hag View Post
Co-oped through Anor Londo with The Saint tonight. Also playing Darksiders which is both ridiculous and fun. After Bastion and Papo&Yo I wanted something that required no emotional investment.
I got both Darksiders games as gift during the winter Steam sale, and I'm really looking forward to playing them soon. I heard 2 is a vast improvement over 1, even though 1 is supposed to be solid itself. I am excite.

Originally Posted by Michi View Post
My friend brought over some games tonight, so I tried out Vanquish and DoDonPachi Resurrection. I kinda want both of them now, at least to play more. I am not a shmup person and have basically no experience with them, but I enjoyed the three bosses I cleared in DoDonPachi! I didn't realize it was only a couple more stages, or else I would have kept playing. Haha.

Also I got Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning so it was nice knowing you guys!
DoDonPachi is a Cave shump, which means it's super legit. I also suggest the Deathsmiles games for the 360, because they are great. Zwei will be here soon to tell you of his Cave feels.

Vanquish is also dope and I recommend you playing it ASAP.

On my end- Adventure Time for the 3DS which is Zelda 2, but good (thanks Wayforward!), Anarchy Reigns on the PS3, and I beat Mark of the Ninja which means it's time for Spec Ops: The line, which is super rad.
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