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Arrow Yaoi/Yuri Cosplay and LGBT Pride Affair 2013

Friday at 3:00 on the 4th floor
Set, unless it runs into the TM Revolution concert!

This group is still in a Beta mode for 2013. But something I am serious about bringing to Otakon since I have come across so many yaoi / yuri fans. This group is not restricted to actual restricted to a certain group of people. This group is open to people that cosplay yaoi and yuri. People that are gay and lesbian (simply adore showing their pride and meeting people like that), and even people that ship pairing from anime that are net exactly a yaoi or yuri (Like Yu-Gi-Oh). As long as you take interest in this type of thing, I would LOVE for you to drop by one of the events I want to have over the Otakon weekend. Including photo shoots of pairings and the rainbow outfits that you may come up with of you do not have a cosplay. Also, come and enjoy one of the many rainbow themed snacks that may find their way into the group planning.

> Hard Rock Cafe
> Photo shoots
> Aquarium Trip
> Chatting (Obviously)
> Rainbow foods and drinks
> Games and events! (Twister, Pocky Game, Dating Game)
> And MANY more!

Added note : I mean no offense to anyone in this. I am a lesbian that I at times cosplay yuri and yaoi pairings with my girlfriend. I do not mean for this group to be eye-candy for others; only to be a fun and equal meeting of people that you can relate to and have fun with.

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