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Update, I'm trying out green coffee bean pills because I wanted to try them out until I get back into working out. I watch Dr. Oz and they did an experiment where they had people take green coffee beans and the other half of the group took placebos. It showed that the group that took the green coffee beans and didn't change their life style lost an average of 2 pounds every two weeks. Although they weren't recommended on people under 18 because they tested it on adults. Any way, I am trying these out to see how well they work, I started taking them last tuesday and am going to check my weight this tuesday. Basically means I should lose a pound a week not changing my lifestyle but I do diet and watch what I eat so I may lose more (god willing). If you want more information about it then feel free to ask or go to Dr. Oz's website because the pills have to contain certain things or they're just filled with crap and won't work well.

Also, I forgot to add in, that the green coffee bean group lost more then the placebo group. Go figure, right? lol
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