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Originally Posted by Zweihander View Post
Yeah, Sen's Funhouse is growing in me. Actually can't wait to reach Anal Rondo, there's so much I want to do there. I already have STR/DEX at 24/24 for the Dragonslayer Spear, and
The Dragonslayer Bow also kicks ass. I used it recently for the first time (I usually don't have the STR stats) and was like "Where have you been all my life?! <3<3<3"

Originally Posted by Zweihander View Post
And fight Dickface McGee to get the Fire Keeper's soul back, even though I DIDN'T FREE HIM FROM THE UNDEAD PARISH THIS TIME, WHAT THE CHRIST.
XD That happened to my husband once and he was all, "WTF?! How did he even get out!" He's a sneaky bastard for sure. On the up side, if you kill him in Anor Londo, then you get his armor which is pretty sweet.

Me and the Saint co-oped through The Painted World and part way into Dukes Archives this weekend. Now that we're playing together, I'm hoping that I can get him to finish the game with me. He always quits after Anor Londo, which, I don't really blame him. I like the first half of the game much better than the second. I don't find any of later bosses all that interesting. Well, except for Lost Izalith (unpopular opinion).

Originally Posted by TheAnarCHris View Post
I got both Darksiders games as gift during the winter Steam sale, and I'm really looking forward to playing them soon. I heard 2 is a vast improvement over 1, even though 1 is supposed to be solid itself. I am excite.
I'm enjoying the first one. It's like Legend of Zelda: Roid Rage. The difficulty is a bit uneven. I've been sailing through on normal then got my ass handed to me repeatedly by the Chapter 1 boss. Finally made it through and the first part of the next chapter is super easy again. :/ But the exploring is fun and the guide character isn't too annoying. For, you know, a guide character. Also, I'm told that

SPOILER: (highlight to read)
you get to kill him at the end
. So I'm looking forward to that.
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