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Originally Posted by Mnguyen8097 View Post
I was the asian guy walking into your shots! Then again, there were a lot of asian guys there..
I wasn't taking any photos, just hanging out with everyone.
edit: to keep things on topic, I guess I should post a photo. haha!
taken at the ALA garage.. the only decent place to take a photo at ALA.
Yeah, asian guy isn't very helpful in trying to determine who you were lol. Yep garage is nice, until you get kicked out XD. I don't remember seeing a Red Ranger...I think I missed a lot of cosplayers at ALA

Pool deck was only really usable at night, I'll post one.

Originally Posted by sukotsuto View Post
Finally had a chance to visit a convention in the west. It was called Taiyou Con and a little small, but fun.
I would have gone to that if it wasn't the same weekend as ALA, my AZ friends said it was better before when they had Taiyou and Amazing Arizona Con the same weekend so you could go back and forth as one decent sized con instead of now two small ones.

Here's a pool deck shot at night from ALA

Borderlands Lilith by JwaiDesign, on Flickr
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