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Originally Posted by kahvi2 View Post
I found this thread through google when looking up, so I wanted to add this:

Everyone should be cautious when purchasing form their store, because from what it looks like not only do they steal all of their photos as well as put up wrong photos of different lenses, but what is worse is that they lie about the brands, like for example they claim all their lenses were by famous brands like GEO, but in real they come from unknown Chinese production, because half of their lenses don't even exist according to the producers they list for their lenses:

GEO has even been contacted about this and also didn't know how they obtained the so called "GEO lenses" they claim to sell that don't even exist, but are completely different lenses apparently.
oh no! I've read the blog post, and it made me really mad. I did not know that they were doing stuff like that.. It's so sad because their customer service is so good, and you can't compete with those prices, deals and the free shipping as well, so this was like the perfect store for "poor" students like me. And I've never had any problems with the 9 lenses I have bought from them, but this made me kind of worried. I do not think I will buy from them again until this issue has been cleared up...
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