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Originally Posted by Amanita View Post
Yeah, this whole attitude annoys the snots out of me. I remember somebody bitching in the comments section of an NY Times article, about how adults participating in halloween indicated the infantilization of society. I politely tore them a new one, saying that while it's okay for kids to play dress up and pretend (in other words, use their freaking imaginations) just about any time they want, we adults tend to live very restricted lives. At work, we often have to abide by strict uniform or dress code rules, and there's a ton of rules, both written and not, governing what we may or may not say. So perhaps we need the outlet of dressing up more than the kiddies do- a chance to step away from our workaday "professional" personas, and try something different for a night. Also, to some of us, our costumes are more than just silly party outfits- Some of us choose to express genuine feelings or ideas through our costumes.
I completely agree with this 100%. In fact, some of us may not have the opportunity to do this eve when we were children. I know I had to abide by a dress code when I went to school (JROTC) so, I wasn't allowed to dye my hair, wear funky wigs, paint my nails any color other than clear or neutral, etc. It was also the same way at home, obviously.
So for me, no longer being in school, I can finally let my hair down and not worry about a dress code 24/7. I can wear pink or blue wigs, dress up as Stein, etc. without worrying or being told whether I can or not.

I'm also a very artistic person, so doing this is a form of art to me. But yes, like I say getting older provides some the opportunity and freedom to cosplay and such and it would be horrible to be told that you can't do it because "you're too old."
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