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Originally Posted by TheAnarCHris View Post
DoDonPachi is a Cave shump, which means it's super legit. I also suggest the Deathsmiles games for the 360, because they are great. Zwei will be here soon to tell you of his Cave feels.
Oddly enough, I was already here and recommended Deathsmiles and AKai Katana, but linked some superplay videos of non-Cave games. Which reminds me, I'm probably shit at Psyvariar 2 now, since I haven't played it in over a year, so maybe I should get back into it. IMO the best Dreamcast shmup out there. (PS2 port's a step up, oddly enough. It's usually the opposite case.)

Vanquish is also dope and I recommend you playing it ASAP.
This. It's a 4 or 5 hour game, but dat replay value. I want to do another run and focus on leveling my shotgun all the way up, since that thing packs a punch in close range at higher levels.

On my end- Adventure Time for the 3DS which is Zelda 2, but good (thanks Wayforward!), Anarchy Reigns on the PS3, and I beat Mark of the Ninja which means it's time for Spec Ops: The line, which is super rad.
My PSN ID is pills4louis, in case you want to do some Anarchy with me. Need a break from Sen's Funhouse every now and then, and I may as well further justify my $90 import of Max Anarchy by getting back into it, now that there's more people to play it with.
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