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MatchWigs released a bunch of new wigs!

Like, four pages worth.
I just thought I'd make a small "PSA". I hope this is allowed?
No, I don't work for them lol. I'm just letting other know in case you're looking for a particular wig. I found one that would be perfect for a cosplay I'm doing.

There's a Gary from Ib wig. There's even a few wigs that could work for Fluttershy. They even have a new orange up-do wig. Craziness

Some stuff about MatchWigs:
* Shipping is free, but it comes from overseas on the slowest shipping. So except at least three weeks unless you upgrade.
* Their wig caps aren't as big as Arda I believe.
* They may be slightly shinier than Arda's. At least, the black wig I got was. But I loved it anyway.
* Low heat-resistance (250 F)

I think that's basically it. Enjoy?
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