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Help Me Please Con Is Sooooon


Nya~ Hiya :3

I'm dying. I can't figure out who to cosplay! I've looked and asked and I'm sooooo stumped!
I've cosplayed Gumi Megapoid a lot as I <3 her, but now I want to make my own wig but I want to play someone badass and over the top!

A run down of what I look like is:

Skin: Pale/Fair
Eyes: Green/ Bright green depending on what I wear (not wanting to wear contacts ^_^")
Height: 5' / 150ish cm
Bra size: Tiny. Almost flat, so cosplaying any big chested girls is a no no xD
Weight: I'm really slight, I'm 7 stone/ 44 kilos.

I'd be alright with going in a skimpy costume but I'd rather not. PLEASE HELP ME <3
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