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Originally Posted by SakushiZakai View Post
Hey there!

I'll be going as Grimmjow again this year.

I was part of that large-ish group of assorted characters last year, but I believe it's going to change a bit this year. I know there will be an Ichigo and Ulquiorra. There may also be a Matsumoto and Urahara. But I'll update you as I find out (I don't think any of them have accounts).

A few years ago, when this gathering was huge, it was pretty much all about pictures. Now that it's quite a bit smaller, it's still mostly about pictures, but we spend more time actually getting to know each other. Getting food at Denny's was the big one last year, but games would be a hell of an idea this year! Maybe we should bring some... (things like Twister pop to mind)
Ah, yes, I remember your group. The Grimmjow that looked like John Barrowman... see, I pay attention! Let me know when you finalize the last two, and for the moment I'll add you, the Ichigo, and the Urahara to the list.

Oh god... Twister? XD That would be psychotic.

Originally Posted by Britchan View Post
I was thinking games and stuff too. But I didn't know...
I met this one girl at the vocaloid gathering last year and we spent the rest of the con together. That was my first Anime Expo, too. I would LOVE to make more friends like her, I've even set up a cosplay group for 2013

It's a shame this group's getting smaller, but it's kind of like town vs. city. You basically know everyone in the town, a city, however.... Smaller is just better for making friends and really getting to know people
Well I'm not in possession of many stereotypical party games, but if anyone wants to bring them (and we have time left over - which is likely) I'm happy to play. In fact... let me add that to the front page, along with the inevitable walk over to Denny's or someplace similar, so we can have some semblance of a plan. (What? I like my plans )

And of course, there are always games we can play without actual physical board games. Ninja is always a fun one!
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