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Originally Posted by Michi View Post
He is a HUGE shmup fan. You would like him. I got him Mushihimesama Futari on one of my trips to Japan! I am looking at videos for Deathsmiles just now, actually. I was interested in it when it was came out, but now it seems more up my alley than I thought it would be.
Deathsmiles is amazing! I still need to get the second one though, but my friend and I played it all night at Fanime's gaming room a couple years back, and it seemed to have fixed the problem where you can get stuck on random scenery.

Originally Posted by The Hag View Post
I'm enjoying the first one. It's like Legend of Zelda: Roid Rage
I still need to beat the first Darksiders, but this is exactly why I love it. It has God of War style action with Zelda like puzzles and exploration. It even has the thing where you get a special tool in each dungeon, but instead of cartoonish things like a boomerang, you get a spiky boomerang of death.
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