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Originally Posted by Kildread View Post
Unless you consider post per page and I need to re-iterate it when we get to the next one.
Don't try to confuse things even further. If you are at the top of the second page, you may not be below the last person on the first page literally but I think that in the context of a forum game, that it should be taken as given.

I did the sensible thing and googled "the person below me game". When in doubt - research. Evidently you make a random statement and the next person has to say whether it is true or false. So - do I like purple? I don't believe that true or false really covers my feelings about purple. I like some shades of purple for some things. I like the color "eggplant" on, well, eggplants. I wouldn't paint my walls that color though. I love purple flowers. Purple orchids are beautiful. I have a pair of purple socks, but I probably wouldn't wear a purple dress. Though I wouldn't mind seeing someone else wear a purple dress, depending on the dress. And the shade of purple. And the person.

Moving on....

The person below me is a unicorn. Anyone answering yes will be asked to provide documentation.
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