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Originally Posted by StrawberrySiren View Post

For girl Ciel, that dress reminds me of Bath and Body Work's Pink Chiffon scent, or at least its packaging. It's sweet and floral. The body cream that I have describes it as, "an ultra-feminine blend of sparkling red pear, vanilla orchid, and whipped chiffon musk." Another thing you can try is the Body Shop's Love Etc... scent. I love the perfume but the body butter is also really amazing. My boyfriend says it smells like earl gray tea but the site describes it as, "a sensuous blend of Egyptian jasmine with warm, radiant notes of vanilla and sandalwood." I don't think either of those scents smell particularly mature, especially Pink Chiffon.
Pink Chiffon sounds really nice, and if it even somehow resembles earl gray, that's pretty cool too, plus it "fits" the character.

Originally Posted by animenerd93 View Post
there is actually an artist that makes comissions of perfumes for characters. they arent super overpowering either which is very helpful. here is her da message ehr about the perfumes!
I heard about this person (or maybe it was another?) but always seemed to not be able to find them! Though unfortunately I don't have enough time for her to do a scent commission... Definitely trying to getone done for another character, just for the hell of it.

Originally Posted by TeaForThought View Post
I usually keep a tea bag or two of my favourite tea in one of my coat's my two cents.

I don't make any extra effort to attract creepy people who want to try to see what cologne I'm wearing, lol. But if that's your thing, go for it.
The tea bag thing is a good idea, I never thought of doing that!

It's a con that's more on the smaller side, so it's a close knit community, not many creepy people I've encountered, fortunately. I'm obsessively clean, concerning my person and costumes, and unfortunately, there's that infamous "con funk" that sort of accumulates like secondhand cigarette smoke smell when around a huge mass of people that may or may not be hygienically inclined...I don't want other people's funk clinging to me. >_>

Originally Posted by usuyukisou View Post
I'll second Axe shower gel for vol6!Ciel. Even though he's about 13, he really wants to be seen as grown up. I've had to use it a couple of times when I run out of my own shower products and am too lazy to buy another (I usually share a bathroom with my brother at home) and it isn't overbearing.

For crossdressing Ciel, I've always liked tuberose. Now matter how pink or frilly the dress is, Ciel isn't the type for overly cutesy antics. A big part of his investigation was seducing the Viscount with how grown-up "she" was.
You've made some interesting points, and since it was seconded I'll probably go test out some axe shower gel.

I agree with everyone's point of not wearing a strong perfume. I used to have migraines and asthma attacks brought by strong scents (grew out of both eventually). Thank you all very much for your replies, and if I didn't quote your post, it was cause I ran out of room. D: but then, I agreed with what you've said. You've all given me a lot of ideas! : ) Thanks again!
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