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Question; I know there's a group registration that applies to 15+ people in a group, but I've got a group less than that - can I order all of my groups weekend passes under my name and pick it up for my group? I only ask this because I'll be going with one my friends this year to do the pre-reg pick up on Thursday, and it would be a hassle for the rest of my friends to have them pick up their passes individually, seeing as the majority of them are back in Hamilton and I'm up here in Newmarket (hence the convenience of having one person pick it up).
yes you can order as many passes as you want, even under 15, and I believe you can pick them up as you will be listed as the purchaser even if you aren't a group... I also think they could order their own and then you can get their forms from them and pick them up, I did this last year for a friend who decided to come late and didn't make it into our group reg!
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