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Originally Posted by Michi View Post
YES. It took a few deaths, and it was all the more tough because people were watching and talking to me at the same time. But once he went down I was like AW YEAH. Made me look forward to the rest of the game.
The best kind of victory is where you escape with less than an inch of your health bar on the screen, yet you know for a fact that each and every time you got hit was entirely your own fault. See also: God Hand, the thinking man's beat-em-up, where scrubs like to button-mash and then cry about how "unfair" the game is.

Anywho, on the note of shmups, I'd highly recommend importing ESPGaluda II Black Label, since it's region-free, has a cheaper Platinum Hits reprint if you don't mind fugly packaging, and (in my opinion) its titular "Black Label" mode is one of Cave's finest games ever.


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go play Mars Matrix.
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