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Giraffe kigarumi, Stocking cosplay. ECT NEED TO SELL ASAP

Stocking (angel transformation, includes everything except for wig and shoes) hearts are plastic and painted to match the blue color. lace trim and sewn in petticoat. the angel wings bend, and the thigh high stocking can fit a range of sizes
Will fit
38-34-38 -can fit smaller and bigger, just pm me your size,- Im looking to get around 105+8$ shipping -I paid 150 for it all, and never wore it, my group fell through.-

blue long sleeve blazer- looks like a school girl jacket ^^ Fits around the stocking. 20$ +4$ shipping

Giraffe kiagarumi - Can fit xs-xxl - hoping to get around 30+3$ shipping.

Kallen -code geass- 25 + 3 $ shipping
Ciel Phantomhive -Heat resistant- -black butler- 30+3$ shipping
Male stocking- 20+ 3$ shipping
Long purple wig- 25$ + 3$ shipping (pm me for pictures, they're on my Facebook ^^)

Extra goodies:
I also have a extras,
I have black heels, with a bow on the back, size 9-9 1/2 In womens. make me offers.
Black school girl style heels size 9. -offers-

Pictures: Pm me if you'd like specific ones or more.

I am up for trades, if you have something that isnt on my list, offer me it anywya,s ya never know!♥
My list♥
Nel -From bleach- I need her wig and the skull mask she has.
High school of the dead uniform -Doesnt matter on length of skirt-
Litchi -Blaz blue- Original costume, Or a wig that could work for her.
ANY length blonde wig ; More of a yellow/blonde, not orangey -Just PM me-
General bleach uniforms -The school one, or the black soulreaper outfit.
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