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Looking for possible roomies

One roomie had to bail because of collage. We have a spot open again.

-Be 18+ please.
-No smoking or drinking IN the room. You can smoke at the window if you want but please no alcohol in the room.
-No drugs please. No pot either. Idc if it's legal, we don't like it, sorry.
-Please clean up your messes (if you make any).
-Please, don't touch my stuff. You can handle my items, but please ask first. I will be giving you my number so all you have to do is text me if I'm not around.
-Chances are, you will need to sleep on the floor. HOWEVER!! I have a matress I can bring that is comfy if you want. All you have to do is ask. If not, you can bring something. We can talk about it.

I know this is last minute now, but not much I could do lol

Hotel - Paramout (only a couple blocks away)
Price - $125 for the entire stay (this is all you pay)
days - Check-in on thursday afternoon, checkout on sunday around noon
EXTRAS - You gotta pay for parking and the whole stay will be $60 ($20/night) which will be paid by YOU at checkout. They said you can pay cash for it.

So that's it. I think..Anything else I will update.

If you are interested please PM me here, or email me at
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