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I agree! I apologize if I made it sound like I had the end all be all answer on it, 'cause all we have is our best guesses. :) Obviously the outfits are supposed to be made of lame, after all, that's what it says in the PGSM theme song "hitomi wa itsumo JEWEL/bodi ni matou LAME AND CHARM" ;)

What I meant to say is I did look at tissue lame and didn't find any that I thought matched well enough, and the tricot lame wasn't satisfactory enough either as it was too thin for what I was going for, so I ended up going with Lycra because I loved the color and look of the fabric. :)

Looking at pictures like this ( and seeing the seam line on the gold, I started thinking there was a double layer of lame on the bottom (i.e. that the "hem" was larger than I thought initially, because the undersides of the skirt are the same color as the outside as far as I could see. Tricot lame, at least what I found, had a white underside, and I didn't want to spend the extra yardage, so I just went with lycra which is colored nicely enough underneath. :p

- -- you can see the frame of the wings here. Multiple twists of a heavy wire, I wish I could have used heavier wire still but even this required my husband to help me bend the wire! You can kind of see the loop in the middle which I stuffed down the back of my leotard.
- -- Excuse the derpiness but you can see how it works here with the costume mostly put together ;) I need to attach ribbons to the back at the waist though, because the wings need an attachment at the waist otherwise they flop around.

EDIT: Apparently those are all tiny useless thumbnails, so the pics are all here in this album:

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