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Omg, otakon 2012. Biggest clusterfuck of bad luck ever.

First, i forgot the dress bag that had 2 of my costumes inside at my boyfriends house. second, my body wash exploded all over the inside of my bag on the way down to Baltimore. I had to wash the soap out of all my remaining cosplays, bras, pajamas, etc. before i could use them. Third, the zipper on my Celty costume broke before I even got to wear it. $90 down the drain. Fourth, the photographer i scheduled my very first photoshoot with never showed, and never answered my texts. Lastly, on Monday after the con, i was caught in a torrential downpour while waiting for the bus home. there was no shelter except a small tree. all of my stuff got soaked, i got soaked, AND the bus had the AC on full blast the whole 3 hours home. the only good thing is that i somehow managed to avoid getting sick.

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