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Before the con this weekend I was in a lot of online drama when I made posts about roommates.

Karen Porter was staff at this con. I did send this screenshot to the head people and they'd said they were going to reprimand her for this. Considering my past experiences with harassment, I had my doubts they were actually going to do so.

She did try to apologize with explanations that made no sense and continued to insult my family in her "apology." She said that if they're close friends that my parents know, there shouldn't be a problem rooming with boys and that my parents don't trust me. It was pretty clear the boys I was talking about were not close friends, so this is a lie. I also learned that her claim "I've never had a problem rooming with boys" is a lie. A friend who worked on staff with her said she refused to do so two years ago.

On the last day of the con, she took her chance to say a bunch of crap about me while I was in earshot. The security saw me crying and took a report saying they would investigate and inform me on updates. At this point, I'm not sure about attending this or the other con these people run.

Edit: And the guy, William Mark whose is calling me sexist. I know he's sexually harassed at least two friends of mine. So he's not someone who should be complaining about "misandry" he brought that on himself.
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