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Originally Posted by DarkFujin View Post
I still need to beat the first Darksiders, but this is exactly why I love it. It has God of War style action with Zelda like puzzles and exploration. It even has the thing where you get a special tool in each dungeon, but instead of cartoonish things like a boomerang, you get a spiky boomerang of death.
Exactly! I like the combat better than Zelda. I love the one enemy where after you smack it a few times you get to ride around on it crushing everyone else. I don't think that the dungeons are quite as complex though - they seem a bit too linear - but some of the puzzles are pretty tricky. And I find it hilarious how War never just opens anything - he has to smash every door and chest while grunting profusely. HRRRGGG! URRRRGGH!! XD I've also come to the conclusion that the hard parts aren't really hard - I just suck at aiming.

Originally Posted by Michi View Post
I'm probably going to borrow it from work once I'm done with FFXIII-2. I got past the first boss when I played yesterday. What a bitch that was, ugh! I was getting used to the controls while my friends and I were all sitting around talking, and then suddenly I had to be a master at them. I persevered, however!
How are you liking FFXIII-2 compared to the first one?
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