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Originally Posted by Zweihander View Post
My PSN ID is pills4louis, in case you want to do some Anarchy with me. Need a break from Sen's Funhouse every now and then, and I may as well further justify my $90 import of Max Anarchy by getting back into it, now that there's more people to play it with.
Mine is TheAnarCHris. I'll add you tonight or tomorrow.

Originally Posted by Michi View Post
Is it Wednesday yet I want my 3DS nowwww
Make sure you toss up your friend's code once you get it!

Originally Posted by The Hag View Post
How are you liking FFXIII-2 compared to the first one?
Incase you weren't aware, there is a demo avail for FFXIII-2. Personally, there were some improvements in XIII-2, but the plot was kinda beat.
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