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Originally Posted by Shana05 View Post
Looking at the galleries I see a lot of photos taken at the Disney parks.
As others have said, these were taken during separate-ticket events that take place outside of regular operating hours during early-mid autumn (around Halloween)- either Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party in Florida's Magic Kingdom (if you've seen the acronym "MNSSHP" on this thread, this is what it refers to) or Mickey's Halloween Party in California's Disneyland Park (though I think it used to be in California Adventure). That and I believe the Star Wars Weekends at Florida's Disney Hollywood Studios where guests of all ages can wear "Star Wars" costumes (and this event existed even before the recent merger) are the only situations in which anyone whose age is outside the single digits can cosplay on Disney property.

At the same time, I seem to remember hearing about people cosplaying Disney characters being harassed for getting their pictures taken, even just by their own friends/family, during these events. If that's true, those cosplayers whose pictures you saw were either plain lucky or were asked to stop after the pics were taken.
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