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Hello, all! I'm new! My first post!
I actually have started making eating changes (rather than dieting) based around a low-carb plan. Generally I keep my carb count around 50-100g on work-out days (M-F), and drop to 0-50 on off-days (Sat & Sun). However, I derive all my carbs from fruits (in the morning) and veggies, and try to make those veggie-portions large. I stick to lean meats like chicken, fish, turkey. I've lost ten pounds with cardio and weight-training in two weeks and am starting to see definition.
As much as I like it, it won't be permanent since my goal in the long run is to bulk up (in order to attain perfect Orc ferocity!!!!) after getting rid of a lot of fat, and that, based on some reading I've done, requires a lot more carbs than a low-carb diet permits, a good mixture of carbs and proteins. Since I'm not here yet, I'm not sure what the carb/protein balance is yet for bulking up, but I can't imagine keeping my carb count this low the rest of my life.
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