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I need to get a gift for a four-year-old girl with the attitude of an exceptionally world-weary 25-year-old. I need it by Sunday. No, I don't want to set foot in a Toys 'R' Us. Yes, I have Amazon Prime. WHAT DO.

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On the subject of hair: I'm trying to grow mine out right now, but the split ends... I'm having a really hard time dealing with that. Eventually I'm just going to say "screw it" and get a pixie cut, but I'm not nearly brave enough yet.
My hair is at a really awkward stage of growth where the only thing I can do is put it in a ponytail because absolutely everything else I try to do looks wretched. My split ends are out of control. I need a haircut so bad but hate going to get them. I would also like to just get a cute pixie cut, but
a) it would look terrible on me, and
b) it requires a lot of upkeep, and anything that keeps me out of the salon as long as possible is my friend.
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