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Originally Posted by Fish-and-Chips-Yum View Post
Where in the world do you get your gifs? xD You seem to have one for every occasion.
The vast emptiness of the internet.

No seriously.

I just type in the emotion I want to convey with 'gif' at the end. Example:

laughing gif

mad gif
and for something that might be more obscure;

unamused gif

abandon thread gif

I am just (usually) searching for gif images based on a particular emotion or feeling but sometimes there's a specific series I know there's a scene I want to post and if it's popular, like say....Spongebob, I can usually find what I am looking for.

Say I want to find the gif of Spongebob peering out his window, as a response to a few folks talking about meeting up at a convention and I am trying to express jealousy about not being able to go. I'd go to google and search 'spongebob hide gif' and I get these results.

Under the images break I can see the one I want to use is the first on the left, so I'd click that> full size image> copy the gif link and BOOM now I can convey my amusing jealousy;

Or I can click through the search result links and find something there. Most of the time I can find something on tumblr because it's basically Gif Capitol of the world. For a while I actually thought tumblr was a gif website...and I am not sure that I was wrong

This has been your guide to gif searches as brought to you by Emmers.
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