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The way I'd do it is kinda like building a house.

I'd stick with his hex screws because they're the most easiest to build. First, using foamcore or even cardboard, I'd make the hexagon top using a tick tack toe structure to hold up the walls forming a hexagon with cardboard lining the bottom. Once all of it standing, I'd fill the center of the hex with "great stuff" and let it set. By doing this, it'll be rigid enough to take the beating of your time at a con and it'll still feel light well into exhaustion. You can carve out the edges if you like to give it the more authentic real bolt look to it.

Next, you'll need a cylinder, preferably white paper, to fill with great stuff to act as the shaft. Fill the center of the cylinder with great stuff and let it set. After it sets, use a box cutter or even butter knife to make a place where you'll be putting the threading of the screws. After doing that, use card stock to act as the thread of the screw.

If you want you can also repeat using a cone for the edge by filling it with great stuff.

Insert tooth picks where you want each of the pieces attached then set them together using caulking, probably acrylic.

Once that is all done, spray paint it with primer THEN metallic silver.

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