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PhantomLeafPro (North Bay, California)

Hello everyone! I'm Suka from the cosplay group PhantomLeafPro based in Northern California/North Bay/Sonoma County and we are recruiting new memebers. ^_^

Please check us out at our YouTube and DeviantART that can be found here:

At the moment we only have two "full time" members and a friends that just like to hang out and take pictures for us.
We are hoping to get a few new members that are either: In the area, visits every so often, or goes to the same conventions as us.
We attends these conventions; Sac-Anime, Anime On Display, and Fanime.

We live in the Sonoma County area, but if you're from any of the surrounding counties Or if you just go to the same conventions as us that's fine too.

If you are interested in joining our group please let us know the following:

Age: Isn't super important, but it's always best to know.
Name: We want to know what to call you? X3
Active Cosplays: The cosplay you already have
Future cosplays: The cosplays you will or would really like to do some day
Location: need to know how easy/difficult it will be to get together
DA/YT/FB: DeviantART, YouTube, FaceBook, Tumblr, Twitter, Badoo, etc. It helps us know you are who you say you are.
Conventions: We like to know the conventions that you go to so that we can find new ones to attend or see if we already attend that convention.
Comments&Questions: Feel free to say or ask anything you'd like, it helps us make a better group to have good communication.

Thank you so much for your interest! Keep on cosplaying~! <3
2015 Conventions:
Sac-Anime Winter
Anime Expo
2014 Cosplay Plans:
Possible 2015 cosplays:

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