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Name: Suka
Active Cosplays: Ciel[Ball Gown], Alois, Itachi[Akatsuki, ANBU], Deidara[Akatsuki], and my two Secret Cosplays of 2013~!
Future cosplays: Menma Uzumaki[Road to Ninja], KakashiHatake[Young], Rikku[FFX-2],
Location: Sonoma County, Cloverdale
Conventions: Sac-Anime, Anime On Display(A.O.D.), and Fanime.
Comments&Questions: Please feel free to PM or contact me on any of my websites anytime. ^_^
2014 Conventions:
Sac-Anime Winter

2014 Cosplay Plans:
Madara(undicided), Naruto(shippuden), Menma,
and Abigail "Misty" Briarton.
Possible 2014 cosplays: Scootaloo
Commissions I'm waiting on: Secret 2014 cosplay.


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