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I'm currently making my Super Sailor Moon skirt, which will be pleated, and will be my first time doing proper pleats (in past have done gathers or half-pleats), though I've already done the pattern, etc.

I used a klona cotton, but I too worried about the fact that it wouldn't stretch. I just measured my waist/hips whilst having the leotard on and just based it off of that. Always make it a little bigger, just in case.

Also, it's great that Kaien showed a demonstration, though personally, I think there are far too many pleats - but each to their own.

Also, Sailor V has that red stripe on the rim of the skirt, I'm currently working on stitching together the blue and yellow parts then once they are finished, they will be stitched to the white of the skirt. THEN pleated. Far more easier.

Pleating involves a lot of maths (well, it does for me anyway) trying to figure out the measurements and the spaces in between (I did about a 3cm gap in between).
I'll be uploading progress pictures of this process on my Deviantart at some point.
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