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Originally Posted by sakura_petals View Post
With almost 3 years of planning and making/sewing, I've almost finished my Myu Eternal Moon cosplay! I've just got to sew the skirts onto the bodice and hem/sew in the horse braid and trim. After that it's the dreaded wings!!!!

I have 2 questions about this cosplay,
1- how do you go about attaching the wings to the bodice?
2- why are so many of you using Lycra for the skirts? You all seem very worried about the weight of them all and they will effect the bodice. I used tissue lame for my sleeves and skirts which is much lighter and (to me) seem more accurate.
I used some clear bra straps and stretched them and pinned to place on the wings (as mine were made out of foam board) and they stayed there fine, didn't hurt nor was it visible.

I used foil spandex, and lots of it. It hasn't affected or stretched out the bodice at all.

Originally Posted by sakura_petals View Post
^ The material is all about which version you look at at and what resources you read... As for the wings - do you have a pic? I have to work out a way to get to and from the con in this cosplay because the venue doesn't have changing rooms (or very sanitary toilets that I could change in).
For the wings, I bought foam board as mentioned about, cut it into shape using a craft knife, cut the wings in two and left like 1cm between them. Covered in stretchy fabric, so the wings could then be foldable and pinned the feather boas securely around the edge. I use a big suitcase for going to cons, and when my wings were folded they fit snug in my suitcase and weren't damaged!

I made the back bow detachable so they could fold.
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