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Originally Posted by Naiagu View Post
Hi hi! I plan on cosplaying Morgiana as well for Fanime this year, I am just waiting for my wig, wonderflex (to make the bracelets) and the pattern for her dress to come so I can start on her.

I am looking into how to do her make up, does anyone know if there are eyelashes that have a long lash on the outside like Morgiana's? I wanted to try that and add eyeliner to bring out her eyes more.
Welcome to the fold, Naiagu.

I may be wrong, but it looks like a wingtip to me. Like this. I'm planning on a more subtle version of it for Judal too since I've seen a few cosplayers make it look awesome.

...I know nothing about eyelashes, though. Hopefully someone else can help there.

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