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I might get better luck posting this in it's own thread, but I was wondering if anyone knew about the film crew that invaded the Valve gathering on Saturday?

It was interesting at first to have them film the gathering, but they seemed to be getting in the way of the attendees and photographers a lot. If they had just spoken with me, I could have accommodated them a little better, and they just took off without saying a word.

I don't know who they were affiliated with, or even if they were here for the convention. While their equipment seemed a lot higher-end than the average congoer uses, it did not seem they were professionals either, but that rig made me wonder if they were shooting for some kind of commercial production, and if so what issues would that cause later down the road for the convention? None of us signed waivers for their project, or whatever it was. Granted we're all getting in costume to get photos and videos of us taken, I don't think that can be used commercially, can it?
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