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That one cosplayer
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This happened twice, in two different cons.

Last year at Fanime I cosplayed as Korra, during the photo shoot they had all the Korras and the Amons on each side look like they were battling which was cool. An Amon cosplayer had the great idea of lunging forward, put his hand on my forehead and pushed me down. "Taking my bending away". I scraped both my knees. Of course, everyone was yelling "NOOO" and the Korra's burst forward to pretend attack but no one asked if I was alright. I limped the rest of the day and was probably the grumpiest Korra at the con afterwards.

This also happened while I was walking down a hallway, again as Korra, at Anime Expo last year, I was chatting with my boyfriend when an Amon came at me and did the same thing as the last guy, this time my knees didn't scrape thankfully but I hit my funny bone. The Amon cosplayer left afterwards, not really saying anything.
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