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Originally Posted by iSeika View Post
Ive been looking around the market for a Goddess Madoka wig. The last one I had wasn't that great and tangles like crazy. So I was wondering which site I should get it from. I have found it in both Moemall and Fantasysheep and I've heard that they are both reliable. fa26

Reference Picture:

Its great that Moemall is cheaper but my only problem with it is I've seen that picture of the wig everywhere on Ebay so Im not even sure if it is stolen.
Anyways, I just wanted some opinions on which one to buy from. Which one is more reliable? Also do their wigs tangle super easily? or if someone knows of a place where to get one for cheaper would be great.
I always highly recommend MoeMall, I own 2 wigs by them. There is only 2 complaints I ever had that the wig cap is a bit to small (which is easy to fix with some elastic and a sewing needle) and it might be a tad bit brighter then the picture but when it comes to fibers and quality to the wig; its great!

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