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Originally Posted by esclarmonde View Post
@The Hag, you're right, I was referring to when someone posts pictures asking for critique for the costume; I forgot to make it explicit because I was focusing on finding the right words, my bad.

I won't absolutely do that in public or about a photo who doesn't explicitly request critique. Especially not if the picture has been uploaded in a place that the person(s) in it doesn't visit, by someone else. That's beyond rude.

About the genderbent characters: I'm always curious to know why someone would do it and reading the discussions here often I find interesting explanations. I don't "get" it, rather than get annoyed by it.
Thank you for clarifying. (: I agree - if someone asks your opinion you should be honest. I have seen people post pictures asking for critique and then get defensive if anyone offers any kind of advice. I suspect that they really just wanted everyone to say how awesome they are and are surprised and annoyed to actually receive suggestions on how to improve. That's one reason why I stay out of the costume critique sub-forum. BTW - your English is very good. I didn't realize that you were a non-native speaker (even though it says so in your sig. Doh!)

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I dunno Hag, I think you're outnumbered.
Originally Posted by sam vimes View Post
If she wants to, she has my full backing.
No. A wise man once said, "With great power comes great responsibility." No way in hell do I want to be responsible for any of you. I mean Voltaire, not Uncle Ben.

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Now hopefully this thread can sink back into the depths for another few months.
Yes. Or better yet, never resurface. In any event, I will now do my part and stop posting.
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