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More PAX questions - Airbrush, and more

I know there's been alot of questions asked about PAX and I believe I've searched and read them all.
But now, I have a set of my own.

1. As per multiple threads I've read, I'm going to be getting a Paasche H with a Testor's compressor for use with make-up, PAX, and just generally starting off with an airbrush. I've used one once for maybe two hours when I volunteered to do an airbrush demo at work. It was a Testor's Azteck..or something. Dual-action? They gave us videos, so it was alright lol

Is that.. good? I want a quiet-ish compressor that I can take to hotel rooms at conventions. But. I don't want to pay anymore than 200 for it, right now. So Testor's just may be it.

2. I've read that you can dilute PAX to spray through an airbrush. I want to at least try this out, because we have 5 girls in our group that need partial to full body paint. With.. PAX. I want it to go as quickly as possible lol.

Does the durability of PAX go down as you dilute it? We chose PAX because it won't budge and it's useful for getting custom colors (as opposed to AA). Of course it's either or. Spraying pure PAX through an airbrush would be madness.

3. We'll be doing this in a hotel *flinch* Something we really can't avoid because the cosplay this is for is on Saturday. Most are arriving Friday
What are some precautions to take to you know.. not get fined? I was thinking of buying a cheap vinyl shower curtain and placing it on the outside of the shower (if those are able to be changed. Or just tape it down. Or something. Just so absolutely no overspray gets anywhere. I wouldn't move my position. The subject would have to turn about so that I'm always spraying straight at the curtain. And then I read I should probably buy extra cheap scurbs and towels for clean up after the day. Because PAX ruins everything

4. This is a general PAX question. While I heard it's good to moisturize before you put PAX on, does it help to prime the face or anything, or is that totally unnecessary?
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