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Originally Posted by The Hag View Post
How are you liking FFXIII-2 compared to the first one?
Ummm it feels overall more or less the same. The story is ridiculously terrible. They repeat so much as if they forgot they already had a conversation, and can't keep anything straight. It makes the original look like the best story ever. Also Serah seems to barely care about her fiancÚ and can't shut up about Lightning. I felt silly answering once that I missed Snow when it was basically the only time Serah actually talked about him.
I like the idea of having monsters that you keep with you and level up, but in practice I'd rather have a regular 3rd party member. Trying to keep straight which monsters of what classes I have with me makes me want to strategize less, if that makes any sense. I liked the old crystarium & paradigm system better.
The stuff I DO like is having the response choices in conversations, and I really like the concept of time travel. I just wish it wasn't so poorly implemented.

I sound like I hate this game but I really do like playing it, overall. I got pretty stuck and lost last night so maybe I am just bitter today.

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